Tesla Approved Body Shop

Tesla is on the forefront of vehicle technology, when your Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Roadster is in an accident you cannot just trust anyone to bring it back to factory specifications. V&J Auto Body is a Tesla Approved Body Shop, what does this mean? It means that we have the tools, technology, education, and staff to safely and properly repair your Tesla.

Tesla demands the highest standard from V&J Auto Body through rigorous training and assessment of all the technicians that will work on your vehicle. Our aluminum welding capability is evaluated to ensure all safety critical welded joints can be guaranteed to meet Tesla’s OEM specifications along with the adhesive and mechanical joining technology used in the construction of your Tesla vehicle and quality of the finish. The repair of your Roadster is also fully supported by the V&J Auto Body through the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network.

After the insurance company has reviewed the claim and an adjuster is sent out to V&J, we being our teardown process. During the teardown process we identify any and all parts, clips, trim, or other parts that need replacement due to the accident. During this process we also identify some parts are one-time use and have to be replaced as per Tesla. Once we have identified all the parts that need replacement we then submit a parts order through Tesla's EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) this is a very easy process, but this is also where repairing a Tesla can take longer than your average vehicle. We order parts directly from Tesla and sometimes the lead time on these parts are longer than we would like. Due to this we will usually bring your Tesla in to order all the necessary parts and then if it is in a drivable condition, we will return it to you and schedule a time to drop it off once we have received all the necessary parts to complete the repair. If you are not in need of the vehicle we can also store it for you during this time, it is up to you which route we take. Unfortunately, we have no control over how fast or slow the parts arrive at our repair center.

Once your vehicle arrives back at our repair center we outline a repair plan for your vehicle, using our repair knowledge coupled with Tesla approved repair methods we decide the best course of action to repair your vehicle. During the repair we document every step so that in the event of a problem in the future we know exactly what we did! After the repair is complete we perform a 120-point inspection on your vehicle to make sure that it looks as perfect as the day you bought it! Once it passes our visual inspection and road test we have to perform a diagnostic test as per Tesla guidelines. The reason why we perform a Diagnostic test is to ensure that everything is running as designed. Being that your Tesla is a sophisticated machine we cannot just look at the normal Trouble codes that other manufacturers rely on. Tesla has equipped us with the same diagnostic tools they use in the factory, we are trained on how to understand what is going on in the brain of your vehicle and to make sure it is operating perfectly!