Nissan Certified Repair Network

Nissan and Infiniti are two of the most advanced and popular automobile manufacturers worldwide. Nissan alone is one of the leading car brands not only in the United States of America, but all over the globe. As one of the front runners in the automobile industry, Nissan has some very high standards of what the public market expects and demands them to hit.

Nissan is responsible for making some of the safest vehicles in the world. Their cars surpass the modern limits of imagination and creativity, and even go as far as to define a new standard of product that the other brands must follow in stay relevant in the market that they dominate. Nissan of North America, INC. has unimaginably high standards for body shops to repair their automobiles to the same condition as before the collision.

To be recognized by Nissan of North America, INC. the auto repair facility must meet or exceed the required industry standards and facilitate all of the mandatory training, tools, equipment, and customer service facilities to help ensure the perfect finish, fit, safety, durability, and value of Nissan's industry leading standards. V&J Auto Body is approved by Nissan of North America, INC. which makes V&J one of the best decisions you could make after a collision. Since V&J is recognized by the Nissan of North America, INC, the repair process retains your vehicle's value at the best rate possible for a repaired car.

The V&J auto body repair process follows Nissan's incredible standards which allows them to keep the car's value high even after a collision. The process begins after the review of the insurance company’s claim and an adjuster is sent out to V&J. At this point we begin the tear down of the vehicle in order to diagnose everything that was damaged during the accident. During the process of tearing the car down, V&J is able to identify all of the trim pieces, clips, or other parts that now need will be needed to be replaced. While we are tearing down your vehicle, we also identify all of those parts and are small and often forgot about and replace them. After the process of identifying all the parts that require replacement, we put an order through approved Nissan dealerships. The moment your Nissan arrives to our repair facility our professionals create a detailed outline plan to repair your vehicle. As we repair the vehicle we document every step and detail in case the event of a problem in the future we know exactly what we did! After the completion of the repair we perform a 120-point inspection on your vehicle to make sure that it looks as perfect as the day you bought it! Upon passing our road test and visual inspection we perform a diagnostic test. We perform the Diagnostic test to ensure that everything is running as originally designed. It is our job as an Nissan certified repair facility to make sure that your car is as close to how it was originally driven off the dealership lot as it could possibly be. We know you selected a Nissan because they are a highly trusted brand, and we strive hard for Nissan to trust our Auto Body the same way you trust Nissan.