Lincoln Certified Collision Network

Always make sure to select a Lincoln Certified Collision Network you feel most comfortable dealing with during the repair process, like V&J Auto Body. Finding the right technician is just as important as getting the right parts. Being a Lincoln Certified Body Shop requires years of experience, extensive equipment and a know-how for customer service. When most Americans think of a luxury limousine, the first thought that pops in their head is a Lincoln. That is because Lincoln is the face of luxurious vehicles in the United States. This incredible resume that Lincoln has crafted over the past hundred years comes at a very high standard that is difficult for most shops to come anywhere close to meeting. V&J Auto Body has worked very hard and diligently to not only meet those century old standards, but to exceed them and strive to be a leader in the industry as Lincoln.

Their vehicles are trusted all around the country to define luxury, and even go as far as to dominate the entire limousine market singlehandedly. The Lincoln Motor Company has remarkably high standards for body shops restoring their vehicles to pre-accident condition in order to keep the highly respected reputation they have meticulously crafted. To be recognized by Lincoln Motor Company, the auto repair facility must meet or exceed the required industry standards and facilitate all of the necessary tools, equipment, training and customer service facilities to help ensure the fit, finish, durability, and value of the Lincoln Motor Company's industry defining values. The V&J Auto Body repair method is recognized and valued by Lincoln due to how in depth it is. The V&J process begins with the insurance company's adjuster.

We negotiate with the claims adjuster, and tear down the car. During this process we document any and every clip, trim, and seemingly little detail about your Lincoln. With this encyclopedia of information, we are able to diagnose any unexpected problems down the line with a full detailed report on what work was done on the vehicle. After the completion of the vehicle repairs, we perform a 120-point inspection to make sure that your Lincoln looks exactly how a Lincoln should look: Pristine. Once it passes our road test and visual inspection, we perform a diagnostic test to ensure that the vehicle is running as close to the original design as possible. At V&J Auto Body, it is our job to ensure your car looks as close to the day you originally drove it off the dealer lot as we can make it. We understand that your Lincoln is a top of the line vehicle, and believe that such an advanced vehicle deserves an equally as top of the line service.