Ford Certified Collision Network

When looking for a collision shop, make sure you choose a place that you are comfortable with, like V&J Auto Body. While some body shops will offer you a rapid turn-around, V&J Auto Body specializes in time and attention in order to maintain a high quality repair. V&J Auto Body is certified and recognized by Ford to repair your Ford our techs are trained and qualified to work on your Ford. Remember, your insurance company can't steer you toward a specific shop and you don't have to release your car from the tow lot until you have found a shop you're comfortable with.

Ford is automobile company that is most trusted by thousands of Police Organizations all across the United States of America. Such an endorsement requires you to exceed the standards set by just any company.

To be recognized by Ford is to share the same vision and expectations they do when it comes to the engineering and repairing of their vehicles. Like the Ford Motor Company, V&J Auto Body specializes in an advanced assembly line process which ensures that highly trained professionals are guiding your Ford along the process for every step of the repair. We begin with tear down, in which we strip down every part related to the accident, documenting every the smallest details such as clips or trims. This allows V&J Auto Body to ensure a lifetime guarantee on our repairs, as we have an encyclopedia of details to diagnose any unforeseen problems that may occur. After we diagnose all of the projected repairs, we negotiate with your insurance company in order to properly repair the car and bring it back to pre-accident condition. We then place a parts order from another Ford Motor Company approved car dealership. Once those parts have all arrived, we get right to work on your vehicle. Once V&J Auto Body has completed the repairs of your vehicle, a 120-point inspection is performed to make sure that it looks as perfect as the day you bought it! Once your vehicle passes our visual inspection and our road test we also make sure to perform a diagnostic test.

We make sure to run a Diagnostic test to ensure that your vehicle is running as close to the original designed precisely as humanly possible. It is our job as a Ford Motor Company certified repair facility to make sure that your car is as close to how it was originally driven off the dealership lot as it could possibly be. We are trained on how to understand what is going on in the brain of your vehicle and to make sure it is operating perfectly! If you drive a Ford vehicle it is imperative that you get the vehicle fixed to the original manufacturing standard that your vehicle followed during its creation.