ZR1 Corvette

ZR1 Certified Collision Center

We know that your ZR1 Corvette is a unique and rare vehicle. We will treat it with the respect and knowledge it deserves. We have been trained to know your ZR1 from top to bottom. We have one of only 365 ZR1 Certified Technicians in the entire world on our payroll, in fact he is one of our proprietors! Having such an exclusive asset to our team has allowed us to to become a ZR1 Certified Collision Center. Being a ZR1 Certified Collision Center allows us to repair your ZR1 Corvette to the originally intended design to keep your vehicle from losing value in the event of a car accident.

Being such a carefully crafted vehicle means you need to have the best of the best working on your vehicle to return it to pre-accident condition. V&J Auto Body's process is recognized by not only ZR1, but all the General Motors brands including Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet. Our shop follows a very strict but efficient repair process that has been used for years in order to maintain the quality of your vehicle.

Once the insurance adjuster representative arrives at our shop, we carefully dismantle and tear down your ZR1 in order to properly diagnose any damage that may not have been visible to the naked eye. We take extreme caution and special care to document every step we take in order to have an entire encyclopedia worth of details about your cars repairs to help us diagnose any unexpected complications that may possibly arise in the future. We then order original manufacturer parts from other Chevrolet Certified Car Dealerships who must also follow the same high expectations and standards as ourselves. The moment your ZR1 arrives at our repair facility our professionals create a detailed outline plan to repair your vehicle.

After the completion of the repair we perform a 120-point inspection on your vehicle to make sure that it looks as perfect as the day you bought it! Upon passing our road test and visual inspection we perform a diagnostic test. We perform the Diagnostic test to ensure that everything is running as originally designed. It is our job as both a Chevrolet Certified Repair Facility and a ZR1 Certified Collision Center to make sure that your car is as close to how it was originally driven off the dealership lot as it could possibly be. We are trained on how to understand what is going on in the brain of your vehicle and to make sure it is operating perfectly! By following this process, we strive to be your best decision after your collision. Chevrolet recognizes our vision as we strive to combine our visions to create the ultimate customer experience.