Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center - ELITE

Mercedes-Benz lives by a motto of "Das Beste oder nichts" which in English translates to "The Best or Nothing" and at V&J Auto Body we work very hard to live up to that motto. We have obtained the highest level of Mercedes Certification that exists, Mercedes-Benz Elite Aluminum Structural Shop. We are authorized to repair any vehicle ever built by Mercedes-Benz, not only cosmetic repairs, but when it is deemed necessary also structural repairs. V&J Auto Body is one of about 400 shops across the United States that are trained and authorized by Mercedes-Benz to perform Aluminum Repairs on there Vehicles. That means we hold a certification that less than 1% of shops in the United States have.

We take our Elite Aluminum Structural Certification very seriously, when you bring your vehicle in after an accident we work with your insurance company to make sure they understand what it takes to bring this vehicle back to Mercedes-Benz's standards. Educating your insurance company as is crucial because Mercedes designed their vehicles with safety being the most important thing, and they also designed the repairs to there vehicles in that same way. Some insurance companies like to cut corners to save a few dollars. At V&J Auto Body we go by the book, if Mercedes's Engineers designed a procedure there is a very good reason they designed it. We are not the engineers we are the professionals following the directions of the engineers.

We work with our partnering dealership to procure the parts for your repair, and then begin work on your Mercedes. Everytime we repair a Mercedes we design a repair plan for that vehicle, no two repairs are alike. We make sure to use the latest technology, tools, and training exclusive to Mercedes-Benz, during your repair we document every step of the way, so that in the event of a problem we can look back to make sure that all the proper steps and procedures were followed.

Mercedes-Benz has a total commitment to first-class service, and we are expected to hold up that commitment as well. V&J Auto Body takes pride in being able to use our knowledge and training to bring your vehicle back to the Mercedes designed specifications.

After we complete our repair we perform a 120 point inspection to make sure everything is running as deigned. We also perform a road test to make sure that your vehicle is safe for you and your loved ones. Once your vehicle passes our 120 point inspection we being the diagnostic check using the latest vehicle scanning tools to give you car a "check up", this helps us identify any other problems that may not be obvious to the human eye. If everything is running as designed we then being our detail process. Your vehicle is meticulously detailed from bumper to bumper, giving it that new car feel. We pride ourselves on returning your vehicle to you as good or better than the day you bought it!

You can trust V&J Auto Body to bring back that new car feel to your Mercedes-Benz.