Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Facility

As one of the leading names in the auto industry, Hyundai specializes in safety, quality, and dependability. And the sales truly do show. Hyundai's 10-year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty is such a powerful selling point that it is practically the brand's motto. Even after a collision, Hyundai's confidence in their product holds strong. But when a Hyundai is in a collision, it is imperative that the car is fixed according to industry standards. In the event of an accident, the car needs to be repaired at a facility with the correct accreditations.

That is where Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Facility such as V&J Auto Body come into the picture. V&J is certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, for exceeding Hyundai's base standards in terms of high-quality training, modern equipment, and outstanding customer service.

Throughout V&J's repair process, all Hyundai's maintain their safety, value, durability, fit, and finish. At the start of the process, our adjusters fight for the customer's right to use all OEM parts on their cars. Upon obtaining approval to repair the vehicle from the insurance company, V&J Auto Body immediately places an order on the parts. This allows us to get to work on the vehicle as soon as possible, carefully documenting every small step of the process. By recording our plan and process, we are able to track down and diagnose any future issues that may arise in the future in the very rare event that there is any. Our process includes two different vehicle checks. The first check is a 120 point inspection which checks all the systems in the vehicle to make sure they operate as intended. This test includes a road test crucial to ensuring the vehicle functions exactly as it did before it was in the accident. The second part of the test includes a diagnostic scan done after the repair. This is to ensure there are no red flags or system malfunctions in the system.

We go out of our way to diagnose any unforeseen problems, and in the rare case in which we cannot find a problem, we work directly with the service departments of recognized Hyundai dealerships. Upon passing both tests, your Hyundai is then detailed to look as crystal clean and pristine as the car did in pre-accident condition. We want the customer to feel as though they are driving their car off the dealership lot for the first time again!